Private Cable TV Systems

Starcom Communications designs and builds private earth stations and headends from the ground
up to enable us to deliver signal to each outlet in any apartment complex, high-rise, garden style,
private community, hotel or motel, assisted living establishment, college or university campus, or
business complexes providing each tenant or resident with over 200+ channels of entertainment,
local off-air, optional on site security surveillance channels, and high speed internet access.

We can build and maintain a cost effective coaxial or fiber optic broadband distribution system that
supports multiple units, converter boxes, and PCs, and in most cases no rewiring of the individual
unit drops is necessary. We also provide 24/7 customer service and on call technical support.

Starcom Communications can provide you with the choices that best fit your entertainment viewing
interests. Let us create a package of your choice that will give you the best in sports, movies,
networks, specialty programming, payperview, and more in crystal clear digital
quality picture and sound with new advanced recording technology. We will connect you to the
technology and services that will keep you satisfied and wired for the twenty-first century.

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