T1, T3, OC3, OC12 Dedicated Data Services

T1 Services Do you need a dedicated internet connection to transmit high-capacity email traffic,
transfer large files, or host an active web site? We can provide the best T1 connection for reliable,
continuous bandwidth in variables up to 1.544 Mbps.

T3 Services T1 service not enough to meet your needs? You may want to choose T3 service options.
This high speed line is offered in variables up to 45 Mbps of continuous bandwidth so you can optimize
the response time of your web site, transfer large video files, or offer regional internet access.

OC3 services Does your business require ultra-fast connectivity, greater than a T3? Then take
advantage of OC3 services. Whether your goal is to optimize the response time of your busy web site or
transfer large audio or video files, the OC3 service will meet your multi megabit bandwidth needs.

OC12 Services If you want the ultimate in high-speed connectivity, choose the OC12 solution. This
reliable, high-speed service enables high-volume users to connect directly to a global network and take
advantage of bandwidth up to 622 Mbps.

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